»Garay’s language is precise and scaled in his short prose, which still remains his fiercest way of expression. His art, on the other hand, is an eruption of a repressed power and volatile emotions. His imagery is a devoted expressionism, intoxicated with colour. Mostly it’s intense, at other times extravagant. It’s about explosions of colour in an eccentric harmony or in reckless collisions. The canvas smoulders despite the darkness there. The colours blaze, collide or fade into each other. Thick. Thicker. Layers upon layers until relief comes.«
Joanna Persman (art critic at SvD), Opulens


»Melker Garay has a flair for composition, is (right now) lovingly exploring acrylic colours’ materiality and is trying out a mixed technique. His inspiration is sometimes obvious; Magrittes non-pipe is paid tribute, here in a form of a yellow fish against blue water – or Ceci n’est pa un poisson as the work is called.«
Ann-Charlotte Sandelin, Kultursidan »


»Melker Garays cultural capital is vast, and it doesn’t just show in his literature, but also in his artistry. His paintings own a weight that rarely emerges out of itself. There is a very strong will in the works, monochromes… or is it a question of metamorphoses? An aspiration for something to form, come out and become visible, manifest. Something leaps and simmers in Garay, as in a volcano. His paintings become tiny eruptions of this, it’s sometimes like watching a natural force.«
Ida Thunström, Tidningen Kulturen »


»Melker goes beyond words«
Sara Segraeus, Folkbladet »