2017 – A selection

The Bridge. 150x100 Acrylic on canvas
The Bridge. Acrylic on canvas 150x100
Photo: Dani Kormazean
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To fell a stock across a gulf is to defeat it. The stock becomes a bridge. A beginning. Maybe to a new adventure. Or haply the beginning of a love story. Or the beginning of that nightmare that suddenly becomes real. We just don’t know. To know, we must cross the bridge. The one that leads across into the unknown. To that which perhaps changes everything in our lives. Or at least that which ought to have changed long ago. Could it really be so? All things considered, we don’t know all that much. The only thing we do know is that there is a bridge across a gulf that has just been defeated.


The duck. Acrylic on canvas, 100x150.
The duck. Acrylic on canvas, 100x150.
Photo: The artist


Repudiated fantasy. Acrylic on canvas, 150x100.
Repudiated fantasy. Acrylic on canvas 150x100.
Photo: The artist


La fleur de Baudelaire, 120x80 Acrylic on canvas
La fleur de Baudelaire. Acrylic on canvas 120x80
Photo: The artist