Melker Garay

About the painter

Melker Garay is an author and was born in Chile 1966. He came to Sweden in 1970 and lives in Norrköping. As an author, he has written seven books – both novels and short story collections. He has also published the internationally recognised book mcv that can be regarded as conceptual art. His literature is chiefly concerned with existential and philosophical question formulations.

His books have been translated into languages such as English, Spanish and Russian. They have also been adapted to both screen and to theatre. He is also the owner of Opulens, a magazine and publishing house.

Melker Garay is an author that loves to paint. He began painting seriously in 2013, an autodidact, who today has his own atelier. He decided early on that his first exhibition was to take place in his hometown Norrköping. And so it was, as a matter of fact, at Kameleont gallery.


Something in me

"Words are not always enough. You see, I have often discovered this in my writing. There is so much inside all of us that we are not always sure how to formulate. Perhaps painting takes over where words fail me. Could that be it?

It was during winter of 2013 when something present in me told me to paint; that I ought to, on a blank canvas, give color and shape to that which I carry inside me. So I began painting with acrylic paint. Now, someone might ask: what purpose would that serve? And my reply would be: It would serve me, when I cannot bring myself to fill an empty sheet of paper with the thoughts weighing on my mind."

Melker Garay

Photo: Natalie Garay